Part-E   Intersectoral Conversion.

Mainstreaming of AYUSH and Revitalization of Local Health Tradition.

The concept of ‘Mainstreaming of AYUSH’ finds place in the policy documents of the Government of India since the iXth five year plan. The department of Indian System of Medicine and Homoeopathy (ISM&H) was created in March 1995 and in Nov.2003, it was renamed as Department of Ayurveda,Yoga&naturopathy,Sidha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH).

With the increase in the number of lifestyle disorder, there has been a resurgence of interest in the AYUSH system of Medicine in the country and abroad. Knowing the potentials of AYUSH Government of India made it to be a critical part of NRHM.

Before the launching of NRHM in 2005 the Deptt. Of AYUSH has been implementing a plan scheme called ‘Hospitals and Dispensaries’ from the 10th plan onwards, which has now been subsumed under NRHM.

Revitalizing of Local Heath Tradition is not yet visibly developed but attempts are made referring to health promotion, preventive and curative methods having general acceptance and prevalence among household of different economic strata. LHT are important for sustaining and strengthening the AYUSH system as well. Therefore Revitalizing LHT is another strategy of NRHM.


1.      Sustained availability of raw materials.

2.      Research and development on the efficacy of the system.

3.      Awareness creation and information dissemination among the people on its

a)Gentleness, b) Locally available, c) Cost effectiveness, d) No side effects.

4.      Provided accessible. Affordable and quality health care to the rural population especially the vulnerable section.


1.      To provide comprehensive health care along with the modern system of Medicine.

2.      Encourage and facilitate to set up specialty and AYUSH clinic on;

a.      Geriatric Care (Ayurveda)

b.      Mother and Child. (Homoeopathy)

c.      Psychosomatic disorders (Yoga)

d.      Skin problems (Unani)

3.      Promote the culture of cross referral system.

4.      Integrated in health care delivery system including the national program

5.      Facilitate to maintain quality standard of AYUSH services.

6.      To promote systematic participatory of Local Health Tradition (LHT)

Strategies and Frameworks:

1.      Collocation of AYUSH Doctors and paramedics in PHCs/CHCs/DHs.

2.      Discuss the role of AYUSH Doctors and paramedics in PHCs/CHCs/DHs.

3.      Integrating vertical Health and Family welfare programs at National/ State/District/ Block level.

4.      Drug kit provided to ASHA will contain AYUSH preparation.

5.      Norms of IPHS should be maintained  for AYUSH faculty at PHCs/ CHCs/ DHs.

6.      Intersectoral co-operation (School,Education, Industries,PHED, ICDS, Culture and tourism)

7.      Promotion of herbal garden at sub-centre level.

AYUSH Manpower in the State.

One Yoga and 8 Homoeopathic Doctors are working in Manipur State Health Services  under the Directorate Of Health Services. After the NRHM was launched 88 AYUSH AYUSH Doctors and 34 AYUSH pharmacists  are engaged till date on contractual basis. Out of these 13-Ayurveda, 5- Unani, 9- Yoga &NC, 61- Homoeopathy. Out of 34 AYUSH pharmacists some of them are already appointed as Doctors.

Collocation of AYUSH facilities under NRHM (Doctors)

Sl. System of Medicine Facilities
PHC CHC DH Others Total
1 AYURVEDA 12 1 Nil Nil 13
2 HOMOEOPATHY 47 14 Nil Nil 61
3 UNANI 5 0 Nil Nil 5
Total 88

AYUSH Pharmacists

1 DH 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
2 CHC 1 3 1 2 1 1 1 0 0
3 PHC 1 2 4 2 2 1 0 0 1
4 Total 2 5 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 (23)


1.      74 AYUSH Doctors are trained in IMNCI

2.      85 AYUSH Doctors are trained on Mainstreaming of AYUSH.

3.      54 MBBS Doctors are trained on Mainstreaming of AYUSH.

4.      225 PHN. ANMs SN are trained on Mainstreaming of AYUSH

5.      10 AYUSH Doctors are trained on emergency management on Obs/gynae for 40 days in I/E.

6.      10 AYUSH Doctors are trained on RTI/STI at state level.

7.      49 Homoeopathic Doctors conducted TOT on HOMOEOPATHY for Mother and Child.

Other activities:

1.      AROGYA Fair was organized at Iboyaima Sanglen Imphal on 27th -30th Nov. 2009.

2.      TOT On Mainstreaming of AYUSH under NRHM was conducted in 3 batches comprising of 30 participants from 35th -27th June ,2009, 29thJune-1st July, 2009 and 2nd -4th July 2009 at conference Hall F/W.

3.      National Campaign on Homoeopathy for healthy Mother and Happy Child was conducted at Hotel Tampha on    27th -28th Nov,2008.

4.      homoeopathic Software(RADAR) was distributed to the Homoeopathic Doctors for repetorization of the cases.

5.      AYUSH units in the Allopathic setups were Monitored by Nodal Officer AYUSH NRHM both in the Hilland Valley.

6.      OPD of the Unani and Yoga has shifted in the Morning Hrs ie 7:30am-10;30am.

7.      Special AYUSH clinics (OPD)has started as per national campaign .

Physical reports on AYUSH activities under NHM, Manipur for 2017-18

Download – List of AYUSH Doctors  Under NRHM-2010

Download – Performance format AYUSH

Download – Photos of monitoring AYUSH

Download – Activities of one AYUSH Doctor posted at Patpuihmum, CCpur Dist,Manipur

Annual Progress Report on Mainstreaming of AYUSH Under NRHM 2010

AYUSH OPD 2012-13 (F)

AYUSH OPD 2013-14

AYUSH OPD 2013-14 (latest by 12/02/2014)

AYUSH OPD 2013-14 (latest by – june/2014)