Conditionalities & Incentives


  1. Rational deployment of HR with the highest priority accorded to high priority districts and delivery points.
  2. Facility wise performance audit and corrective action based thereon.
  3. Performance Measurement system set up and implemented to monitor performance of regular and contractual staff.
  4. Baseline assessment of competencies of all SNs, ANMs, Laboratory technicians to be done and corrective action taken thereon.
  5. Gaps in implementation of JSSK.


  1. Responsiveness, transparency and accountability (incentive upto 8% of MFP).
  2. Quality assurance (incentive upto 3% of MFP).
  3. Inter-sectoral convergence (incentive upto 3% of MFP).
  4. Recording of vital events including strengthening of civil registration of births and deaths
    (incentive upto 2% of MFP).
  5. Creation of a public health cadre (by states which do not have it already) (incentive upto 5% of MFP).
  6. Policy and systems to provide free generic medicines to all in public health facilities (incentive upto 5% of MFP).
  7. Timely roll out of RBSK.
  8. Adopting Clinical Establishment Act 2010 as per State’s/UT’s requirement, to regulate the quality and cost of health care in different public and private health facilities.
  9. Increase in State annual health budget.
  10. Implementation of nurse practitioner model.