Sangai Festival 2018
World Diabetes Day 2018
PMSMA Team at Mao, 12 Nov 2018
Free Diagnostics Services
Breast Cancer Awareness & Screening
3rd NE Health Care Leadershi Summit 29 Oct-2018
PMSMA at SDH Moreh Oct 2018
Inaugration of Free Diagnostics Services
Observation of World Sight Day 2018
HWC Selection Meeting
Child Death Review Workshop

Adopting Clinical Establishment Act 2010 as per State’s/UT’s requirement, to regulate the quality and cost of health care in different public and private health facilities.

8.1 Adoption of Clinical Establishment Act 2010 or similar Act

8.2 Rules and regulations framed for Clinical Establishment Act 2010.

8.3 Institutional/regularity framework set-up.

8.4 Capacity building of programme management staff/others involved in implementation of Clinical Establishment Act underway.