Sangai Festival 2018
World Diabetes Day 2018
PMSMA Team at Mao, 12 Nov 2018
Breast Cancer Awareness & Screening
3rd NE Health Care Leadershi Summit 29 Oct-2018
PMSMA at SDH Moreh Oct 2018
Child Death Review Workshop

Mandatory Disclosure

  1. Procurement List of the Equipment Under the NHM Manipur from Financial Year 2010 to till Date 1st Jun 2015
  2. Facility wise deployment
  3. Facility wise service delivery
  4. MMUs
  5. Patient Transport ambulances and emergency response ambulances
  6. All procurements
  7. Buildings under construction renovation
  8. Supportive supervision plan and reports
  9. JSY payments
  10. MCTS and HMIS
  11. Line listing of high risk pregnant women
  12. MMU Desk
  13. Referral Transport
  14. Supportive Supervision
  15. HR1
  16. MMU Report
  17. Referral Transport Report
  18. Supportive Supervision Report